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Submit separate check & application for each event.  No refunds after acceptance!!

1-Day Event = $90.00

2-Day Coed Chinese New Year = $210.00

1-Day Chinese New Year (Men/Women/Reverse) = $120.00 each (Two Chinese New Year 1-Day Events = 2 x $120 = $240)

2-Day San Diego = $210.00

2-Day Las Vegas (April/May) = $330.00

1-Day Las Vegas (Sept.) = $175.00 each event (Two 1-Day Las Vegas Events = 2 x $175 = $350)

Prizes and Pools:

Teams are seeded into 5 team pools. 1st and 2nd place teams in each pool receive T-shirts (8 per team). 


Tournament Formats:
We offer 1 and 2 day tournaments. In one-day events, teams are pre-seeded into pools for playoffs. In two-day events, there is round robin play the first day and playoffs the second day.
The typical format is two games per match and four matches per day.  Other formats may be used as needed.  Teams are seeded into pools. Tournaments are all-day events. 

Special Tournaments:

Westside is proud to offer special 1 & 2 day Coed, and Reverse Coed Invitational Tournaments. These events include the popular Chinese New Years Tournament, Las Vegas Invitational, San Diego Invitational, Halloween Invitational,
and Christmas invitational. We also have an annual San Diego Tournament. These tournaments attract teams from throughout the nation and Canada.


All skills levels are available. Level of ability from Novice to Advanced. There are three Divisions. The highest is Majors, the middle is Major/Minor and the lowest is Minors. Subdivisions are in levels of A (highest) to E (lowest). For questions, please call.

Team Format:

Six person, teams (3 men and 3 women).

Formats include all men, all women., coed or reverse coed.  Coed or reverse coed is 3 men and 3 women.


USA Volleyball and Westside Volleyball Coed and Reverse-Coed Rules